Sunshine Girl

Written on June 4th. RIP.

Typo fixed on Jan. 29th, 2016.

Though loved by me, sunshine girl is, in one word, a mysterious person whose behavior pattern is complex and unpredictable. I still need some acknowledgement of her, thus I can know her interests better and try to get in touch with her.

Partly, she is an introverted girl, but this doesn’t mean she is shy or she rarely talks with others. Oppositely, she is kind and friendly to everyone, but it’s quite different to develop a deep and stable relationship, and she never chats aimlessly with others as she frequently just sits at her desk and deals with academical problems or have a rest. She has a closer friendship with two of the members of her dormitory. Guessing what they talk daily is helpless and complicated, which in my oponion is thought as the key to her behavior pattern. However, I seldom see they gather together to chat something, though their thoughts of life may be similiar.

Besides, she is a girl leading a sophisticated life. Recently I acknowledged thar she owns a good ability of writing poems, and it is always known to me that she has read a wide range of books, which is made up of both fork literature and serious literature that others rarely read. Meanwhile, she listens to a variety of music and shows interest in some Korean singers, who are usually considered as a mental pollution and a symbol of low art taste among some people. She never cares what others say and she never shows interests in gossips, which I think she may hate, and this is considerably different form conventional people.

Thirdly, most people may consider her as a girl concentrating on study, but in fact, she is not. She also wants to have more free time to enjoy life, but due to her personality, she seldom shows this out. She does not have the feature of people concentrating on study and considering it as the most important issue in student period, and she also has special regards to personal freedom.

As her name, _, which means _ in Chinese, she represents the lively power of humanity and distracts from the evil side of human. I consider her as a good example whom I can learn a lot from, thus I appreciate the fate.

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